We help the populations that we serve by identifying and focusing on prevalent health conditions such as high rates of heart disease or diabetes in specific communities.

Responding to requests from people in diverse communities, we develop culturally-relevant services while identifying barriers to care, and then launch culture-specific care and prevention programs. Today, HealthStar offers culturally-relevant services that address the unique needs of populations such as African Immigrant, African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and other communities.

Choosing home healthcare services shouldn’t involve settling for care that doesn’t reflect the needs of the individual. With HealthStar you will always be in control of your care (or that of your loved one), and allows you to receive the services you need in conjunction with the attentiveness to cultural background that defines superior home care.

Cross Cultural Care

In order for HealthStar to provide culturally competent services in a culturally relevant way, each team-member achieves and keeps current their cultural competence through specialized training and by fostering values such as respect and empathy. With cultural care values as the foundation, caregivers are able to provide quality service, delivering it with increased awareness and perspective. Naturally, individuals who receive this level of care are more receptive and responsive to treatment modalities, leading to superior health outcomes.

Adapting to different cultural beliefs and practices requires more than just tolerance: It takes sensitivity, flexibility, and respect for others’ worldviews. Cultural competence involves truly listening to the client, learning about their beliefs on health and illness, and understanding culture-driven health behaviors. We believe that successful health care providers must greatly expand their worldview, incorporating new dimensions such as social structure factors, ethno-history, language patterns, and environmental contexts. Only then can they arrive at a comprehensive, holistic, and optimally effective model of care.

First Nations Home Health addresses the unique needs of our Native American population in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, Duluth and Bemidji areas, while Circle of Life Home Care serves the Native American population in New Mexico and Arizona. Sagrado Corazón addresses the cultural, ethnic and language needs of Minnesota’s Latino Community. HealthStar Home Health also offers culturally-relevant services to the African Immigrant, African American, and other communities in the Minnesota, including the Duluth area, Arizona and New Mexico.