Why We Love Our Caregivers

As we continue to move into a new year after—following one that rocked us to our very core—we must take time to recognize those which we could not function without. These people, of course, are our caregivers. So, we want to take some time this month to extend a huge thank you to all that work to serve others every single day and let them know why they mean so much to us.

Keeping Things Interesting

Whether they’re helping to prepare dinner, assisting with daily activities, or providing advanced Alzheimer’s care, our caregivers & healthcare professionals truly do it all. They absolutely love getting that one-on-one time with everyone they work with, while also getting to care for them in a variety of ways. For example, our health care professionals find great joy in the respite services that we offer to those who also care for a loved one from day to day. This service helps support and maintain a healthy relationship and provides a positive experience for the person receiving care, all within the comfort of one’s own home!

Now, when the COVID-19 lockdowns began, services like this became challenging to continue giving with our sense of 100% assured safety. But, thanks to our wonderful team of healthcare professionals, we were able to continue safely providing care for all our wonderful clients. This included informing family members of things they could do to help on their own, regularly performing COVID-19 tests for our entire staff, or working with families to ask if moving to full time facility care was something that was right for them. They faced these challenges head on with a smile and did everything they could to continue working safely with our beloved clients. And for that, we don’t know what we’d do without them.

Care for All Ages

When most people think of long-term care, they probably imagine those well into their later years of life. But here at HealthStar, we have caregivers providing Children’s Therapeutic Supports and Services (CTSS). Now more than ever, children of young ages are experiencing a vastly shifting world from year to year and for some, that can be hard, confusing, and just too much sometimes. Luckily, our CTSS works to restore the basic functioning of children & youth experiencing emotional disturbance and mental health impairments. Along with everything else our caregivers do, there are few things more rewarding than seeing young children work to grow out their fears & anxieties into confident young adults with the help and care of our healthcare professionals.

We Can’t Thank You Enough

In summation—and to all our HealthStar Home Health caregivers—please know that we consider you all heroes. You have given the rest of us a reason to cultivate hope, because we have seen your unwavering dedication in the face of such uncertainty over the past year. You have looked after those most vulnerable to COVID-19 and have made it an absolute priority to keep our residents safe. Some have even done so at great personal sacrifice to them or their own families. A staggering amount of our care workers left their families to isolate with residents. From fiddling about with FaceTime to continually organizing safe and socially distant activities, HealthStar clients would have struggled without them. So with that we say thank you… Thank you times a million. It was an unprecedented year of events (to say the least!) but our team continued on. Again, we don’t even want to THINK about where we’d be without all of you.

Do You Want to Make a Difference in a Senior’s Life? Join Our Team!

A caregiver is someone who helps another individual with activities of daily living (ALDs). ALDs are considered daily basic self-care tasks, such as getting dressed, grooming, eating, and transferring. Working as a caregiver can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Do you have a caring touch and a loving personality with a passion for health and wellness? If so, you just might be a perfect fit for the HealthStar Home Health team!

Watch this short video and hear what some of our employees have to say about working in the caregiving field and for HealthStar Home Health.

Some caregivers may also assist with meal preparation, shopping/errands, medication management, social support or light housekeeping. Common types of caregivers include:

    • Personal Care Assistants (PCA)
    • Home Health Aides (HHA)
    • Homemakers (HMK)

HealthStar Home Health recognizes that as the senior population ages, an increasing number of Minnesota families will be tasked with caring for their aging parents as well as caring for their own family and working a full-time job. This age group is commonly referred to as the “sandwich” generation, and will feel overwhelmed when their daily job, family commitments, and the duties of caring for their aging loved ones are all factored in. This type of situation is creating the fast-growing need for various healthcare jobs, including personal care assistants.

Recent reporting from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that healthcare jobs and industries are expected to have the fastest employment growth and will add the most jobs to the workforce between 2016 and 2026. We are currently in the heart of that decade growth period.

The culture and training offered by HealthStar Home Health contributes to the success and satisfaction of our employees. If you’re interested in being part of the fastest growing employment industry, then consider becoming a caregiver with HealthStar Home Health. We offer paid training for individuals interested in becoming a PCA, HHA or HMK. You must be able to pass a background check, and have a reliable source of transportation. This career offers flexibility to set your own schedule and number of hours, while meeting the client’s needs.

Community-based care is the hallmark of our work. Our community-based approach to reducing health disparities is based on the premise that the causes of poor health include factors related to the social, economic and physical environment of a community. HealthStar proudly serves clients in a number of cities in Minnesota, including the Duluth, Bemidji, and Twin Cities area, as well as New Mexico and Arizona.

HealthStar Home Health understands how overwhelming and challenging it can be to care for a loved one at home and offers a variety of home health care services to help support your loved one to live a more independent and fulfilling life at home. One unique care program we offer, the Alzheimer’s Whisperer program, takes an effective approach to support those affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and their family. To learn more about the skilled nursing and therapies, and mental health services available, as well as the cultural initiatives we offer, visit our website.

Choosing home health care services shouldn’t involve settling for care that doesn’t support the needs of the individual. With HealthStar Home Health you will always be in control of your care (or that of your loved one), and allow you to receive the services you need in conjunction with the attentiveness to cultural background that defines superior home health care. Call us today at 651-633-7300 for more information or to schedule a no-charge consultation.