As a family-centric, culturally appropriate program, HealthStar Home Health’s CTSS puts in place supports to restore the basic functioning of children and youth experiencing emotional disturbance and mental health impairments. We work in collaboration with a youth’s extended family and community and all other stakeholders having a vested interest in the success of the youth.

Services include individual, family and group psychotherapy, specialized skills training, crisis assistance and behavioral aide services to help bring stability for families and their environments

Our focus on ethnic diversity and immigrant communities has led to a fundamental value of cultural competence in our organization and initiatives. Our CTSS staff includes culturally-competent behavior professionals and analysts who work with individuals, families and communities to positively affect young people’s lives.

Our highly trained and culturally competent multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals, practitioners and behavioral aides provide CTSS services in the home, at school, and in the community.

We accept referrals from family members, county social service agencies, case managers, schools, probation officers, social workers, public health nurses, physicians, and other mental health professionals. Please call our Mental Health Department at (651) 293-1000, or email