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Behavioral Health Home Program

Behavioral Health Home Program

Integrative care for the whole person.

Behavioral Health Home (BHH) is a model of care focused on the integration of primary care, acute, behavioral health and social services and supports for adults with mental health conditions.  Our BHH program seeks to improve the experience of care and the overall health of this population.

Our person-centered, multidisciplinary approach to behavioral health care offers individuals:

Comprehensive Care Management

A collaborative process designed to manage medical, social, and mental health conditions more effectively.

Care Coordination

Implementation and monitoring of holistic plan to help identify appropriate linkages, referrals, coordination and follow-up to needed services and supports.

Health Promotion Services

Encourage and support healthy living concepts to motivate individuals to adopt healthy behaviors and promote better health management and wellness.

Comprehensive Transitional Care

Specialized care coordination services that focus on the movement of individuals between different levels of care settings.

Community and Social Support Services Referrals

Identify and provide referrals including but not limited to, medical and behavioral health care, entitlements and benefits, respite, housing, transportation, legal services, educational and employment.

Individual and Family Support Services

Activities, materials, or services aimed to help reduce barriers to achieving goals, increase health literacy and self-efficacy skills as well as improving health outcomes.

The BHH goal is simple: Improve health outcomes, the patient care experience and quality of life, while reducing health care costs.

Who is eligible for BHH services?

BHH is for adults (18+) who have a qualifying mental health condition and who are enrolled in medical assistance.

In an effort to coordinate and integrate primary and behavioral health care to improve the experience of care and the health of those with mental health issues, HealthStar Home Health’s BHH offers services for the following qualifying mental health conditions:

Interested in our Behavioral Health Home program?

If you or your loved one does not have a formal diagnosis or if you’re not sure if their mental health condition will qualify them for services, contact us. HealthStar Home Health has BHH dedicated staff members that can answer your questions and provide all the information you need.