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What Is Hospice Care & Why Should You Consider It?

What Is Hospice Care & Why Should You Consider It?

Hospice care is an end-of-life care option that more and more people have been opting for over the years. Hospice care focuses on people who have a serious illness and/or are nearing the end of life, including their comfort, care, and quality of life. It is a prevalent misconception that choosing hospice means giving up. But the facts regarding hospice show that this is not the case. Hospice lessens suffering, promotes dignity, and facilitates closure for patients and their families over time. Here is some information regarding what hospice care is and why you should consider it:

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is specialized palliative care for individuals who are nearing the end of their lives and have advanced illnesses. It is possible that a major illness will not be able to be cured after a while, or that a patient will choose not to undergo certain treatments. Hospice was created specifically for people in this predicament. When a patient chooses hospice care, they recognize that medical attempts to cure or limit their disease’s progression have failed. Once patients have decided not to pursue curative therapy, this comfort-focused care tries to improve their quality of life.

Hospice is a holistic treatment. It tends to the patient’s clinical, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as their end-of-life objectives and wishes. Patients who choose hospice are typically able to live out their remaining days, weeks, and months more comfortably—and, in many cases, for longer lengths of time than if they had pursued curative treatment until their passing.

Why You Should Consider Hospice Care

When utilizing hospice care, some patients actually see an improvement in their health and end up putting a pause on their hospice care for a while as a result of their improved health conditions. Studies also suggest that terminally ill patients who receive hospice care live longer than identical patients who do not receive hospice care, even when the disease progresses as expected.

Patients who are in hospice care enjoy a sense of relief and control. Pain and other symptoms are controlled with regular visits from their nurse and hospice caregiver, preventing emergency hospital visits. Being at home with family and friends can also help to improve one’s quality of life. Emotional needs are addressed through conversations with a social worker or other type of mental health professional who is a part of the patient’s hospice care team.

The advantages of hospice care help patients and their families. Patients can choose how they want to spend their final months, and families can get physical and emotional support while spending time with their loved ones.

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