Sagrado Corazon Salud en el HogarSagrado Corazón Salud en el Hogar is Minnesota’s premier provider and most trusted source of home health services for the Latino Community. Sagrado Corazón exists to provide unparalleled public health care services while respecting the unique needs of our culturally perse clientele through stewardship, honor-driven values, and a genuine desire to serve. Using culturally-competent approaches that improve health care delivery, Sagrado Corazón effectively addresses the unique cultural, ethnic, and language needs of Latino in Minnesota.

Our teams of care-givers, nurses and case managers provide services that help people stay at home in familiar cultural surroundings, develop good health habits, and reduce hospitalizations. Our community-based model incorporates culturally-competent services, extra training for our care-givers, a commitment to hire from within the communities in which we serve, use of local resources, and true community care, with local sponsorship and volunteering to help the families and neighbors of those we serve.

For more information, please contact our Inver Grove Heights branch office at: 651-306-3080