HealthStar Home Health emerged as a response to a community need to provide culturally-relevant healthcare services to traditionally under-served populations. What began in Minneapolis with a handful of caregivers in 2003 has grown to a team of over 1,100 caregivers, medical and administrative staff. Today, our culturally sensitive healthcare team serves clients in a number of cities in Minnesota, including the Duluth and Twin Cities area, New Mexico and Arizona. Our clients benefit from the range of healthcare services that we provide, from Alzheimer’s and dementia care, to behavioral nursing, home health care nursing, respite care and more.

Community Based Care

Community-based care is the hallmark of our work. Our community-based approach to reducing health disparities is based on the premise that the causes of poor health include factors related to the social, economic and physical environment of a community. We believe that developing social capital contributes to better health, and that empowering people builds stronger communities. The way in which we work enables us to build long lasting relationships with members of the community, and these relationships allow us to participate in local causes, activities and events.

Our Values: The 24ECC Journey

We believe that  every individual can develop cultural competence, that organizationally it is a long-term, ongoing process, and that to serve our clients with the best possible service we must strive for cultural proficiency.

Taking a journey or process approach, HealthStar has formalized an ongoing value-based cultural competence proprietary program: The 24 Expressions of Company Culture (24ECC). These 24 expressions are aligned with HealthStar’s four chosen values of Servant Leadership, Empathy, Altruism, and Integrity.

Our intent with the 24ECC program is to continuously improve our cross-cultural communications and interaction skills, as well as internalize the values of those we serve and of the company.