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Multicultural Initiatives

Multicultural Initiatives

Culture-Specific Care and Prevention Programs

Responding to requests from people in diverse communities, we develop culturally-relevant services while identifying barriers to care, and then launch culture-specific care and prevention programs. Today, HealthStar offers culturally-relevant services that address the unique needs of populations such as African Immigrant, African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, and other communities.

First Nations Home Health

First Nations Home Health addresses the unique needs of our Native American population in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, Duluth and Bemidji areas.

Circle of Life Home Care

Circle of Life Home Care is a home health care initiative offering personal care health services in the ten county area of northwestern New Mexico and Casa Grande, Arizona.

TRU Health and Wellness

An integrative multi-disciplinary clinic offering customized state of the art treatments with a focus on acute and chronic pain; including mental health and substance use challenges.

Specially Trained, Culturally Competent Staff and Providers

Each HealthStar team-member achieves and keeps current their cultural competence through specialized training and by fostering cultural care values. Adapting to different cultural beliefs and practices requires more than just tolerance: It takes sensitivity, flexibility, and respect for others’ worldviews. Cultural competence involves truly listening to the client, learning about their beliefs and understanding culture-driven health behaviors. Individuals who receive this level of care are more receptive and responsive to treatment modalities, leading to superior health outcomes.

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